Freakling Bros Horror Shows

Established in 1976, Freakling Bros. Horror Shows, creators of Las Vegas’ premiere haunted attractions, unveiled the cities first free-standing haunted attractions in 1992 at the corner of Sahara and Decatur Boulevard.


Rated #1 scariest haunt
in the country by USA TODAY

More than any of our creations, Castle Vampyre represents all things classic Freakling. The tradition began decades ago when Duke Mollner (aka Dukula) first donned the Dracula cape in his entry way on Halloween night to scare the neighborhood kids, and it hasn't stopped since. But there comes a time, in every artistic venture, to put things to rest. The time for Castle Vampyre has come. It's always been a fan favorite, and a welcomed reprieve for all ages from the Rated R nightmare that resides across the parking lot (Gates of Hell), which is why, before unveiling our brand new offering in 2020, we wanted to give The Castle a victory lap. This is your last chance to see it, so make use of the time, and come pay your respects to Nosferatu, Vampyra, Drucilla, Shadow (Lord of creeps) and the rest of the hellish gang that inhabits its impenetrable stone walls. The Vampires await!!!!

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