Freakling Bros Horror Shows

Established in 1976, Freakling Bros. Horror Shows, creators of Las Vegas’ premiere haunted attractions, unveiled the cities first free-standing haunted attractions in 1992 at the corner of Sahara and Decatur Boulevard.

Rated #1 scariest haunt
in the country by USA TODAY


freakling bros horror shows
established in 1976...

The Freakling Bros' Las Vegas tradition started over 40 years ago, when Duke Mollner, his wife Ginnie, and oldest son Daniel decorated the entry way to their house on Rochelle avenue, built a coffin from scratch, and began to scare unsuspecting neighborhood children during a night of Trick or Treating. Over the next decade and a half, the sets became more elaborate, the lines longer, and the notoriety more broad. The local news was a fixture each Halloween night at 4492 Rochelle, and one year, the following day, Duke's own version of The Phantom of the Opera graced the front page of the Review Journal.

In 1992 the family opened one of the first free standing haunts in the state of Nevada, The Circus of Horrors. A few years later the company expanded to 3 attractions, and in 2011 the first and only Rated R haunt in the state of Nevada, The game-changing Gates of Hell, was unveiled. Freakling Bros has become a commercial attraction and a world renowned institution for haunt aficionados in the years since, but one thing has not changed: It's always been, and always will be a family affair: Ginnie (aka Momma Freakling) works the ticket booth and contributes to new concepts, Duke (aka Dukula) is still the grand maestro, conceptualizing and designing the attractions alongside his youngest son, JT, who has been instrumental in bringing out Freakling's darker side in recent years. Deanna Mollner is the on-site supervisor and liaison to vendors. And Daniel Mollner still comes back to town to help design scares on occasion.

Freakling as a family venture extends beyond blood ties, however. One of the things we treasure most here is the tight knit community of managers we've assembled over the years. Most of them started off as fans, but have now become family. Supervisors Shadow, Peter, Warren, Fletcher, Sean, Bear, Chesnut, Edward and Ariel all have Freakling blood running through them, as well as our talented graphic artists, Robert and Jorge. And the cast, last but not least, is our most vital ingredient. The Freakling edict has always been "live actors over animatronics". Sticking to that creed has kept us the scariest in the game for decades. When we team up each year to put on "The Greatest Shows Unearthed", it's not work, it's a celebration. All of us LOVE Halloween. And the only way we know how to celebrate our favorite holiday is by scaring people. The owners and most of the management staff have "day jobs" the rest of the year. We don't do this for the money, we do this for the love of all things horror. Please come by this season and celebrate with us. We can't guarantee it'll be easy, but we can guarantee you something you will never forget. We will stay with you long after you leave, and live with you for years to come, in the dark recesses of your mind... and perhaps even your bedroom closet.